New Toys

I figured since Riley’s almost a year and a half old, maybe I should try her with stuffed animals again.  She (like most dogs) liked to tear the eyes and nose off of stuffed animals and try to eat them and then pull the stuffing out and try to eat that too.  So I threw away all her tattered stuffed animals and didn’t by her any more.  I ordered a Kong stuffed animal from  I got the large squirrel for her.  It says it has no stuffing and there are no eyes or nose and it comes with some replacement squeakers to put inside a Velcro pouch.  She actually did pretty good with it, she was just shaking it around, not really trying to tear it up.  I had to put it up for now because my parents’ dog, Chloe, kept taking it from Riley and was trying to tear the ears off of it.  Poor squirrel.  We’ve named him “Nutty.”

I also ordered Riley a Galileo Nylabone.  Supposedly their toughest bone.  Riley loves her big Nylabones to chew on and this thing is GIGANTIC!  Here are some pictures:

Riley and Nutty:
Riley and her new Nylabone (and Nutty)…the bone’s nearly as big as her head:
Look at the bone compared to my hand: