Miss Manners

Since Riley was your very own Personal Trainer on Thursday demonstrating how to properly execute (and enjoy) the Insanity Workout, she feels she needs to do a post on how to stay properly hydrated when exercising!  She also is applying to become a regular writer on the “Miss Manners” newspaper column.  Not sure how that last bit is going to work out though!

“First, you test out the temperature with your tongue…you want the water to be nice and cool, not too hot and not cold enough to give you a brain freeze!”

“Be sure to stick your whole snout down in the bowl to cool off your nose!”

“Also, it is the most fun if you splash water all over the ground/wall/upside-down flower pots and your paws…you know, you sweat from your paws and having nice, wet paws helps cool you off!”

“Oooh, oooh!!  Blow bubbles in the water with your nose!  There’s no scientific reasoning for this, it’s just a whole lot of fun!”
A quick, funny story from this morning–I might have overslept a little bit and Grandpa came to my room and opened the door a little bit so Riley could get out and go downstairs to go out to the bathroom and to eat breakfast.  She was still sleeping when he opened the door.  He said she jumped up on all fours and stood on the bed with her back arched and the fur sticking up on her back.  I guess she was ready to be my guard dog until she realized it was just Grandpa and Chloe out in the hall.
Gotta go…the phone’s ringing!  Must be Miss Manners calling!  🙂

Hiding Their Noses

It’s been in the 20’s and 30’s for the last I don’t know how many days.  Riley sleeps on my bed at night and I’ve noticed that the last few nights she’s been hiding her nose up under the covers or putting her nose between the two pillows up at the top of the bed.  I guess her little nose has been getting too cold at night (we do run the heater, but it still gets a bit chilly but nothing too bad).  Then yesterday, I noticed that Chloe was lying with her nose up under Riley to keep it warm…

I saw a Kong Wobbler on someone else’s blog about a month or so ago and thought I’d like to get one for Riley.  I went and looked at Petsmart when we were there the other day and they wanted $19.99 for it…ridiculous.  Care-A-Lot had them for $10.99 but I bought it on Amazon yesterday for $8.60 (score!) plus free two-day shipping with my free Amazon Prime Student account.  It got here today!  So I let Riley figure out on her own how to get her dinner tonight.  She seemed to have fun with it, plus it took her about 10 minutes to eat all her dinner whereas it usually takes her less than 1 minute to eat it out of her bowl.  Here’s a bit of the video I got of her:

Ignore the stacks and stacks of books.  That would be my dad’s misplaced library.  He’s in the process (and when I say in the process I mean hasn’t worked on them in months) of building new book cases.