All Tired Out

Riley and I went to class last night.  We had gone to the advanced finishing school class twice, but I felt like we didn’t know some of the stuff they were doing in that class, so we went to the Canine Good Citizen prep class last night.  Even though Riley already has her CGC and her Therapy Dogs International certification, we still learned some good things and it was good to have a refresher.  There were only two other dogs there, so that was good.  One of the dogs that was there was a reactive male and he had his own half of the training room sectioned off, so that was nice.  The other dog that was there got away from her owner once during class and rushed right up into Riley’s face.  Riley did not like that…so she told her to back off in no uncertain terms.  It was all good, I was able to get the two apart before anything escalated.

Riley got to play fetch with her Chuckit launcher outside in the backyard today because it was 75 degrees outside!  She definitely enjoyed that.  Then after I ate dinner I played fetch with her in the living room and she played until she finally pooped out on me…

The Riled Child

Riley got a good run in the backyard this afternoon.  It’s 68 degrees out today and such a nice day.  It’s supposed to rain soon though.  Riley got to go play with her new Chuck It ball launcher.  I don’t quite have the hang of it yet but towards the end I was getting a little better at it.  She’s worn out and happy as a clam.  I call Riley the “Riled Child” instead of “Wild Child” (which is certainly fitting of her…).  Her AKC name is “All Riled Up” and I didn’t know when I named her how well she was going to live up to her name…!  My next dog’s name is going to be “Calm Air” or “Relaxing Mist.”  Something soothing and calm!  Nah, I wouldn’t change a thing about Riley except maybe have her hips and knees healthy!