A Wonderful Christmas!

Catching up here…we had a wonderful Christmas.  The girls (Riley and Chloe) got lots of yummy treats and fun toys.  Riley got a new Wubba, a stuffed animal, and some treats.  Riley was good and didn’t mess with any of the presents or ornaments (with the exception of knocking a few off with her tail)…bad Chloe decided to take a stroll under the tree and on top of all the presents.  Don’t know what we’re going to do with that wild old girl!

We took the girls to go see Christmas lights on the 23rd.  They enjoyed it immensely!

The nativity scene Riley decided she needed to bark at…I guess the plastic figurines were being just a little too still for her liking…I told her she can’t bark at Jesus, is she crazy?!?!
Then, on Christmas Eve, Aunt Baddy and Uncle Jimmy (my sister and brother-in-law) came over for lunch, then for appetizers that night.  We decorated cookies and put together a gingerbread house.
Riley patiently waiting for something to fall on the floor.

 Christmas morning!  Aunt Baddy and Uncle Jimmy came over to open presents that morning.

Riley got Zuke’s treats!
Then, after we opened presents, we got dressed and went and saw the Sherlock Holmes movie that’s out.  Then we went to a Chinese buffet for lunch and had leftovers for dinner.  The dogs were very happy to see us when we got home!

Riley LOVES her Grandpa!!
All in all, we had a wonderful Christmas and hope you all did too!

Christmas Wardrobe

I’ve come to realize that Riley has more Christmas outfits than I do…thanks to Sugar’s Paw House!  Here are her three Christmas outfits:
Riley in her Santa Bandana that has her name embroidered on it.  Her bandana is from Dog.com.
This is her Christmas candy bandana from Sugar’s Paw House.

And this is her snowflake and candy cane bandana from Sugar’s Paw House!
So as you can see, we DID get a Christmas tree finally and we DO have presents wrapped and under the tree (never mind that it took until 2 or 3 days before Christmas to get them under there and we’ve only had our sad looking tree since last Wednesday!).

The Meeting

Sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend.  New Year’s Day I came down with a cold that I still have…poo!  I guess it’s a good way to start out the New Year because I can get it over with early in the year (assuming I don’t catch another cold this year).  I really can’t complain though because the last time I had a cold was in the summer of 2009.

Anyway…remember how Jimmy’s (Aunt Baddy’s husband) Aunt Leslie wanted to meet Riley?  Well here are some of the pictures.  Riley was all over her.  She loved Leslie.  She was a bit too exuberant though.  Leslie’s facial expressions say it all:

Riley did eventually calm down after 10 minutes or so.  Here’s a family picture we got of Jimmy’s family:

And then here’s some pictures of some Christmas gifts we just got.  One gift was from some friends of mine who had been out of town for Christmas.  I love getting Christmas gifts after Christmas because I get excited that Christmas is still unofficially going on!

First up is the GINORMOUS rope toy I bought Riley with some of the Petsmart gift card Aunt Nancy and Frank gave us for Christmas.  Riley loves rope toys–actually, to be precise, she loves to shake them–and I usually only get her a medium size rope toy and she chews through it.  So far she hasn’t chewed through this extra large one.  Fingers crossed.

Now here’s the toy my friends got Riley.  Riley has really enjoyed playing fetch with this toy!  They also gave her a stocking full of rawhides but I didn’t think to snap a picture of them.  She’s only eaten one out of the stocking so far so I’m sure I’ll get a picture of her eating the rest.
I hope everyone’s been doing well and have had a happy New Year!  I haven’t been able to get around to the blogs because I feel like I’ve been punched in the face repeatedly with this cold.  I’ve been watching Season 1 of Glee.  Funny show.  I didn’t think I’d like it but Aunt Baddy insisted I watch it and I actually do like it.