Cuddle Bug

Riley loves to cuddle with me, whether it be in bed or on the couch (or anywhere else!).  I love it too.  🙂

Sweet girl.

Did I mention she loves getting (and giving) kisses?

Pretty Riley!
I forgot to include this story in my vet visit post yesterday…  When we walked in, there was this very overweight Jack Russel Terrier in the waiting room.  It proceeded to go psycho barking and yelping, pulling on its leash trying to get to Riley to say hi.  Riley just ignored it–didn’t even give it a second glance–and went about greeting all the staff at the vet.  I was so proud of her!  Sometimes (not all the time though) she barks back at a dog that barks at her, but thankfully, this time she didn’t!!

Riley’s Check Up

I took Riley to the vet today for her annual wellness exam.  She’s good to go for another year.  The vet said she looked great!  She got two shots and the bordetella vaccine up her nose.  I also had them trim her nails while we were there.  I didn’t get any pictures while we were at the vet today because I flat out forgot to take any!

Riley weighs 52 pounds (lost a pound since last visit) and her hips seem to be doing pretty well.  I haven’t seen her limping at all on her back legs in the last month or so and haven’t needed to give her a pain pill for about a month either.  I think the warmer weather is causing her to be less stiff, so that’s good.

Riley got to see her best buddy, Brooke, the receptionist, at the vet’s office!  Of course, she had to pee on the floor a tiny bit out of excitement (she’s done this since day 1 with Brooke…no one else there at the vet, just Brooke).  After we were done in the exam room, we had to wait a few minutes for the doctor to fill out Riley’s Therapy Dogs International health form, so Brooke visited with Riley for about 5 minutes or so.  She sat on the floor and hugged and kissed her and even had to show off Riley’s “Sit Pretty” trick to the rest of the staff behind the front desk.  So it made the vet trip all okay since Riley got to see her BFF, Brooke!  Brooke had to tell another lady that works there (new employee, I think) all about Riley and about that she’s an Australian Cattle Dog and had prickly fur when she was a puppy, but now her fur’s all soft.

Riley’s worn out now from the excitement/terror of going to the vet…also, the shots make her a little bit drowsy too.  Of course, she’s not too worn out to go outside and play!