Ornament Stealer

Riley is now officially an ornament stealer.  We have our Christmas tree in one half of our house that is usually blocked off with baby gates (we’ve got more metal bars in our house than Alcatraz…actually we have 3 metal baby gates up so it does look a little like an armory or something).  We ate dinner in our dining room tonight which is on the Christmas tree half of the house.  Riley was exploring the tree and next thing we knew she had pulled a little pine cone ornament off of the tree.

Luckily after that she left all the other ornaments and the presents alone.  I guess she felt like she was in the great outdoors with the live tree and a pine cone to boot!

Somehow, and this now makes no since to me, Riley was rewarded after dinner with the rest of our snow peas.  She enjoyed them so much.  She even ate them slowly (which she usually scarfs everything down as fast as she can).

Waiting for the “okay” to be released to eat them.
Then it was play time!  Riley got a nylon toy dumbell type thing in her goodie bag from Care-A-Lot the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  She has been enjoying the heck out of destroying and playing with the toy.  Here’s what’s left of it:
That’s right, it just looks like a small hole-y snowball or something.  Maybe this could join Frankie Furter’s snowman collection…?
Oh, and you can see her new bed in the background.  I took it out of her crate so she’d actually use it and will put it back in her crate the next time she has to go in there.  She’s actually laid on in a few times but then decides to move up to the couch.  Oh well.

Care-A-Lot Pets Goodie Bag!

This morning I woke up early and headed out to the local Care-A-Lot Pets store.  They were giving out goodie bags to the first 50 customers.  My sister and I got there at about 8:40 (the store opened at 9:00) and got in a line of about 20 people.  These bags were worth waiting 20 minutes out in the cold!  I mean, they even included fake dog poop from Dogipot.  What could get better than that?  Here’s a picture of all the goodies that were in the reusable shopping bag.  They’ll be doing it again tomorrow morning, so if you’re local, you may want to check it out.  They open at 10:00 AM tomorrow.

You better believe it was worth the wait!  Most things are just samples, but it’s still better than nothing.  A full bag of Halo treats and Mother Hubbard treats and Natural Choice treats.
Also, the fake poop (pictured in the shiny cellophane baggie) is currently sitting out downstairs on the carpet…I’m waiting for my mom (Riley’s Grandma) to go downstairs and freak out!  🙂  Can’t wait!


That dog shampoo I had from Target smelled really good…for about 6 hours, then Riley stunk again.  We used to have some Top Paw dog shampoo years ago that smelled good for about a week, so I went to (overpriced) Petsmart (I usually go to Care-A-Lot, they’re much cheaper…I was in the vicinity of Petsmart though) and bought some Raspberry Jojoba Conditioning Shampoo hoping this will last longer.  I’m not particularly fond of raspberry, but I can live with it.  I just liked the whole shampoo and conditioner thing.  The challenge was leaving it on Riley for about 5 minutes.  She did good though.  I did have to get in the tub with her this time though to reach her feet. 

I’ll be gone out of town starting Wednesday morning and Riley is once again staying in the very capable hands of Grandma and Grandpa.  I probably won’t post again until Sunday or Monday.  She’ll have a good time and get spoiled rotten, I’m sure.  I don’t give Riley a lot of treats…she usually gets a Shredded Wheat square every time I see her go to the bathroom and she gets one Milk Bone at night before bed.  Grandma and Grandpa on the other hand are liberal treat givers.  You look cute, you get a treat.  You sleep, you get a treat.  You fart, you get a treat…you get the idea…and a treat!

Here are some pictures from the bath:

Lather, rinse, repeat.  I said lather, rinse, repeat.  I SAID…

Skinny tail…
Fluffy tail!
Poor baby!  I use Baby Shampoo on her head.
Almost done!
Sitting pretty for a treat!  Damp but not soaked.
Oh, and I got a 94 on my first Microbiology test.  All of Riley’s study help has paid off!