Chloe’s Test Results

Okay, so I have the full story on Chloe (I actually have her medical record in front of me)…

Chloe had lost 3 pounds since when she was there a week or two ago–she now weighs 27 pounds.  There was a possible abdominal mass seen on Chloe’s X-ray.  The mass was confirmed with the ultrasound.  It was a large (about 4 to 5 cm) mass that is either displacing the spleen or is on the spleen.  Regardless, the spleen is enlarged and pushed to the side.  There was possible altered architecture of both kidneys (whatever that means).  She also had a somewhat thickened bladder wall and this is consistent with her recurrent urinary tract infections.  The vet is concerned about neoplasia (tumors) that could be causing immunosuppression that is contributing to the recurrent UTI’s.

Chloe’s bloodwork had slight elevations of alkaline phosphatase (ALK) and creatinine.  She also had moderate elevations in her globulins.  The vet said that globulins are proteins within the bloodstream and that “elevations in globulins may indicate the presence of certain diseases, including certain cancers.”  She said that it is possible that if there is any cancer present that it is affecting the immune system and causing the recurrent UTI’s.

Chloe was very out of it all last night but seems to be pretty much back to normal today.  Riley didn’t pester Chloe last night but she’s back to it today, so she must be able to sense that Chloe’s feeling a bit better.  The wild thing about all of this (the mass, the possible cancer) is that Chloe still runs around and plays with Riley and she still eats well, so that’s encouraging.

My dad got her an appointment with the veterinary internist/oncologist in Chesapeake (about 30 minutes away) for next Friday at 2:00.  So I guess we’ll know more about what is going on then.

Chloe at home last night…still a bit out of it.
Meanwhile, Riley is getting very excited about her visits to the nursing home and school this afternoon.  Okay, maybe she doesn’t even know she’s going, but I’m getting excited about them!  We’ll report on them over the weekend.