Chloe is Home

Chloe is home and is in the crate…  Her Xanax and Tramadol haven’t kicked in yet to give her the sedating effect so she is making quite a fuss…which is in turn making Riley cry and bark every so often…oh Lord!!  I hope we survive the next two weeks!  Hopefully she’ll get used to the crate after a while and stop making such a huge fuss.  She cries more when she sees Riley but she even cries when Riley’s outside or upstairs and not around.

The good news is that the spots they aspirated on Chloe’s left kidney were not cancerous.  Now we just have to wait and see if we get the same results for the bladder and spleen.  She has to go back in 10-14 days to get her stitches and staples removed.  She doesn’t have an Elizabethan collar on because she hasn’t been licking thus far, probably only because she’s been too busy crying and barking in the crate!

Update on Chloe

The surgeon called about an hour ago and said that Chloe is doing great after her surgery.  She said it was a good thing they did the surgery when they did because her spleen was so fragile that it actually ruptured as she was pulling it out.

Dr. Watson (the surgeon) said that there were some dark spots on her left kidney that they aspirated and are sending off for a biopsy.  She also removed the nodule or polyp (or whatever you want to call it) from her bladder and sent that off for a biopsy as well.  She removed a fatty lipoma (benign tumor) from underneath the skin on Chloe’s chest.  She’s going to be one sore girl!!

If everything continues to go well, we can pick her up tomorrow.  Dr. Watson will call us again tomorrow to let us know.

Riley seems to miss Chloe a little bit, but is actually doing a lot better than I expected without her around.  I figured she’d be really depressed, but she’s adjusted well.  They do say that dogs are highly adaptable, so I guess that’s true.

Chloe is In For Surgery

My dad dropped Chloe off this morning at the surgeon’s office.  I don’t know what time they were doing her surgery, but I’m assuming it’s probably right now (10:30 AM).

We were able to get an anti-anxiety medicine for Chloe for when she’s in the crate recovering (Xanax to be exact).  We worked with her over the weekend, putting her in the crate with treats but she still whined and scratched at the tray in the crate and bit the bars of the crate.  So, on to plan B…Xanax…!

I will update when I hear more about Chloe.  She’s staying at the surgeon’s overnight tonight.