Three’s Cozy?

Riley and Chloe decided that the twin air mattress (the new one, not the one Chloe practically obliterated) would be a good fit for both of them–while I was still lying on it.  Sigh.  It got a little cramped, but it worked out.

Our visitors left to go back to Georgia this morning, so I will deflate the air mattress tonight.  We had a nice visit, and I’ll be posting some pictures from their visit when I have more time.  For now, here are our cramped air mattress pictures:

Riley’s early morning yawn!  I guess I was reading a text right then on my phone…

We’re all intently watching something.

Then, when I got out of the shower, Riley decided she needed to pull the “bed warmer” trick AGAIN!  🙂  A little piece of Pup-Peroni works wonders at getting her off!

The Bed Warmer

First of all, Aunt Nancy, if you’re reading this…I am taking the sheets off of the bed tomorrow and washing them and replacing them for you and Frank’s visit on Thursday!  So no worries, Riley will not be on your clean sheets!

This is where I found Riley yesterday when I got out of the shower…warming my spot in bed…even my pillow!

“What do you mean, I’m not supposed to be on your pillow?”
I guess this is what I get for not making up my bed…!
We’re still in cleaning frenzy mode here!  We had Stanley Steemer come out yesterday and clean the carpets…that was at like 8 AM and they’re still drying!  It’s muddy here today (it rained overnight), so both dogs have to get all four paws wiped when they come in.  I am taking a break tonight and going to dinner with my good friend tonight, so that should be fun.  Then it’s back home to clean some more!  Aunt Nancy and Frank come to visit us from Thursday evening until Saturday morning.  It should be a great time–if Riley doesn’t kill them with her exuberance!