Best Dog in the House Award

Riley scared off some sales people or Jehovah’s Witnesses yesterday by standing up in the window barking.  It gets annoying but if it actually does some good then I like the barking!

We’ve been painting…  I’m so over painting!!  We painted most of the downstairs of our house.  Luckily we had up some baby gates to keep the dogs out of the way.  Riley was actually being good (for once)!  She was just lying down in the kitchen relaxing.  My parents’ dog, Chloe, was another story…  She was standing at the gate crying (loudly, I might add…) scratching on the gate and trying to bite the gate.  (This is the dog who has broken two canine teeth and had to have two root canals from biting the bars of her kennel boarding at the vet while we’ve been gone out of town).  So Riley wins the “Best Dog in the House” award for once!!

I went out of town last weekend to North Carolina to do a NAMI Peer-to-Peer training.  The wonderful mentors in training gave the other trainer and I balloons and cards the last day of the training.  The balloons are sagging almost to the floor now.  Boy do they scare Riley when they’re down on the floor!  She’s been growling and barking at them.  I guess it’s time to retire the balloons!