Art of Recovery Exhibit

So last night was the big night!  The “Art of Recovery” art show’s opening night.  Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Baddy (who is not always bad), and I headed up to Fredericksburg (VA, of course!) to the gallery to attend the opening.  It was about a 2 hour, 10 minute drive, so it wasn’t too bad.  We got there in plenty of time, so we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then walked around the mall for a little while before heading to quaint little downtown Fredericksburg to the PONSHOP art gallery.

I mentioned in a previous post that they had incorporated my painting into their promotional materials advertising for the art show.  It was cool to actually see the posters in person!  The owners of the art gallery, Gabe and Scarlett, were two of the nicest (and coolest) people I’ve ever met.

Here are some pictures:

One side of their chalkboard sign.

The outside of the PONSHOP.

The other side of the chalkboard sign–the cool posters they made.
Me standing by said “cool posters.”

My painting made it in the newspaper!  Pretty cool!
Me with the two gallery owners.  They are husband and wife.  My painting is up above my head on the left side of this picture.

What was really cool was that the organizers framed one of their posters of the advertising materials with my painting incorporated into it and gave it to me!  Pretty neat.
The art show coincides with Mental Health Month (which is May), and featured artwork by people that are living with a mental health diagnosis.  Everyone at the show was very accepting and we all got treated like normal human beings, so that was a definite positive!  The gallery owners didn’t treat me any different because I have a mental illness, so I was very impressed with that.
Anyway, it was a fun little trip and I felt like a million bucks while I was there!  I got the royal treatment!  And of course, I got even more royal treatment when I got back home to Riley!  Uncle Jimmy came by while we were gone and fed her and Chloe and let them out–so of course, she had to love on her “boyfriend.”