The Well Wishes are Working

Riley still (unbelievably) has her pink bandage on her paw!  I can’t believe it has lasted this long.  We’re supposed to keep it on optimally until tomorrow night, but the vet said it could come off after a day as long as it wasn’t bleeding.  I’m going to make her leave it on until tomorrow night though because I don’t want another crime scene here…blood all over the floors and furniture…  🙂

I can tell Riley feels a lot better today.  She kept dropping a ball at my feet and she played with Chloe for a few minutes this morning.  She also played outside today shaking her rope toy, so her bandage is dirty…really dirty.  She’s started trying to lick it a little bit today but if I tell her “leave it” she stops.

I decided to wait to call the surgeon until her toe is a little bit better.  One thing at a time.  I’ll be gone out of town Friday and Saturday for my sister’s annual overnight birthday trip to Richmond, and my mom will be with us, so Riley will be staying home with her Grandpa and Chloe.

TRYING to rest…for 2 seconds.
I’m going to go there again…  Riley has “The Big D” (diarrhea) from her antibiotic.  The vet said to stop it for a few days and put her on a bland diet (chicken and rice…she’s going to LOVE it!!!) and see if the diarrhea stops.  I think she’ll be very depressed on Thursday when she can start back on her kibble.
Thank you everyone for the well wishes for Riley!!