A Blackberry Kind of Gal

Yay, I have 100 followers now!!  Thanks for all your kind words on yesterday’s blogoversary post.  I discovered that Riley likes blackberries.  The fruit, not the phone.  I was eating some the other night and I decided I’d let her sniff of one so she’d leave me alone and I could eat them in peace.  Little did I know that she would take it out of my hand and eat it.  After checking to make sure they were on the dog safe list, I fed her some more and she loved them!

 Riley posing with her carton of blackberries.

Aaaaaaaaand…for some reason I can’t upload any more photos on here.  Stupid Blogger!  I also had a pitcher of Kool Aid to show Puddles, but I guess that’s not gonna upload either.  😦  Dang.  Well, Puddles, just know that your Kool Aid is ready for you to come enjoy.  I forgot to pick up the Cheeto’s though…maybe you can stop at one of the 87 million 7-Eleven’s here in our hometown on your way and pick some up…?