Post-Crate Rest Insanity

Riley FINALLY started to stop acting so crazy yesterday evening!  I guess she had pent up energy from being in her crate for a week…  It was a flashback to puppyhood, 4 years ago.  And it was awful!  So far today, she’s been pretty calm, so hopefully she got it out of her system.

Apparently, she fell off the back of our loveseat this morning while she was up in the window barking (of course she was barking!).  She seems to be fine though.  I swear, this dog is going to be the death of me!

FINALLY zonked out!
I am leaving for BlogPaws tomorrow morning and haven’t even started packing yet!  I’ll try to post from my iPad while I’m there, but sometimes the Blogger app doesn’t work right, so we shall see.  I’ll for sure be posting about it when I get back!

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