A Furry Visitor

My Aunt Nancy and her husband, Frank, have been here visiting us for the last few days.  They also brought along their Jack Russell Terrier mix, Roxie.  I was a bit nervous as to how Riley and Roxie would get along, since Riley isn’t always the most friendly with other dogs.

Riley has actually been a pretty good hostess.  She’s extremely interested in Roxie and can’t stop following her around and looking at her.  She’s trying to get a good butt sniff in, but Roxie’s too fast for her!

The dogs have been getting along well for the most part.  There’s been a few snarls here and there, but I think the dogs are finally all starting to get used to each other (of course they would, they’re leaving tomorrow morning).  Riley has really surprised me at how well she’s been acting with the other dog, since she hasn’t had the best track record with other dogs in the past and she’s never had another dog in her house (other than Chloe who was here first) ever.

Here’s some pictures I snapped of the dogs:

All 3 dogs taking a Sunday snooze.

This is cute little Roxie.
The air mattress has made a return!  Just for a few days though, not 8 more weeks…phew!  Riley sleeps up on the couch and I sleep on the air mattress.

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Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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