Riley’s Follow-Up Appointment

Riley had her follow-up appointment at the surgeon’s office this morning at 8:30.  They weighed her, took X-rays, and the doctor checked out her leg.

She only gained 6 oz since her staple removal 6 weeks ago.  So now she weighs 52.6 lbs.  She weighed 50 when she had her surgery, so that’s not so bad.  She hasn’t been able to run around and burn off her calories since she was crated for 8 weeks.

Her doctor said her leg looks great and that it healed beautifully.  He also said I did an “excellent job with her nursing needs,” woohoo!  He said it healed up faster than her first surgery last year.  She is now “officially” off of crate rest and can go in the yard on her own now!  Hooray!  Now I don’t have to take her out in the cold and rain…phew.

She peed when the tech came out from the back to get her because she was super excited to see the tech!  Sigh.  Oh well, only a tiny puddle.

After her surgeon’s appointment, I took her by her regular vet to get her nails trimmed and a heartworm test done.  We were there for like an hour…we were in and out of the surgeon’s office faster than it took to get her nails and heartworm test done!  Anyway, two people had to comment on how nicely behaved and calm Riley was while we were waiting.  I don’t know if she was being really good or if the other dogs were just being really bad!  Ha ha!

The guy only trimmed four of her nails because he said they weren’t that long (they looked plenty long to me though), and didn’t charge me for the nail trim.  Her heartworm test was negative.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I didn’t take pictures at the vet!

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