Looking Good

Riley’s incision is looking really good.  I was a little concerned at first, because it oozed some and last year her other incision didn’t ooze at all.  But it looks really good right now.  I caught her licking it (which she didn’t do last year), but she just licked some of the dried blood off and the incision still looks fine.

She still has some bruising on her thigh and some swelling in her ankle, but overall, it looks really good.
I’ve been icing her leg, so she gets to enjoy some free time out of the crate.  Well, it’s not really “free time,” she’s on the leash the whole time and not allowed to get up and walk around.  So maybe I should’ve just said she gets to enjoy some time out of the crate.  I’ve been giving her a 6 inch Bully Stick to chew on while I ice her leg, and that works out great.  She either just finishes it before time is up or she’s still working on it once time is up.
After ice, but before she finished her Bully Stick.

I got tired just watching her exercise her jaws so much!

Her ear makes it out of the crate more than the rest of her body does!  Ha ha, big ears…!  🙂

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