A Cool New Toy

Riley got a cool new toy in the mail the other week.  It’s from the KONG company (I think anyone not living under a rock knows about the KONG company).  It’s called the KONG Squeezz Donut with Rope.  I think we all know how much Riley loves rope toys and how much she loves her KONG Wubba…this kind of combines both of her loves.

This toy is super fun to play tug with!  The donut part squeaks and Riley liked that.  It was also really easy for her (and me) to get a good grip on.

 Fetching it!

Even Chloe (who hates to play) was interested in this toy!
Overall, I really liked this toy.  Riley could carry it from the handle end, the donut end, or the middle rubber piece on it.  The squeak was fabulous and it flew through the air with ease.  It also bounced around once it landed and Riley really liked that.
The only thing I didn’t like about the toy was that while Riley ran with it holding it from the donut end, her front legs would get tangled up in the handle part.  It would be a better toy for a taller dog that couldn’t get tangled up in it.  Or if Riley would have wised up and carried it from the middle every time…
For more information on the KONG Squeezz toy line (there are different models of this toy–like one has a ball on the end instead of a donut, for example), check out this great blog post!
The KONG Squeezz Donut with Rope retails on Amazon.com for $10.99.  It’s a fun toy and easy to throw and grip.  I’m supervising Riley with it to make it last longer because she likes to chew straight through rope toys.  She has no respect…sigh.  šŸ™‚  Check it out for yourself and have some fun out there with your dog!
We were provided with this toy free of charge in exchange for a review.

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