Let’s Help Minnie Out!!!

We found out last week that Miss Barbara’s dog, Minnie, from If I Didn’t Have a Sense of Humor, has to have the same surgery Riley just had in October on her knee.  Only for Minnie, she has to have it on BOTH knees!  Yikes.  Poor Minnie.

I can attest that TPLO knee surgery is not cheap…like…at all.  Minnie’s surgery is a wee bit cheaper than Riley’s was, at $2,000 a pop.  She’ll be having to have $4,000 worth of surgery.

Now Miss Barbara is a rich lady in the fact that she has lots of friends and fur-iends that love her!  But other than that, she’s not very rich (sorry, Miss Barbara!).  There’s a ChipIn fund that has been started for Minnie’s surgery and we would love if some of you could drop by there and help out!  Click here to contribute!  Miss Barbara and Minnie even sent Riley a toy that ended up being a real sanity saver during Riley’s crate rest after her surgery!

Thanks, everybody!!

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