Well, That Was Awkward…

We got this little gem of a book in the mail the other day and just had to share it with everyone!  It’s called “Awkward Family Pet Photos” and it hits store shelves today.  It is hysterical!!

Riley reading the back cover…what could be more awkward than a dog reading an Awkward Family Pet Photos book??

It seems to keep her interest!

I just love the picture on the lower left-hand corner.  Do those people not have smooshed faces like their dog??

I don’t know whether to tell you that the pictures or the captions were funnier!  There were some hilarious stories from Veterinarians and stories “behind the awkwardness” from the people that were in the pictures.  Most of the time, it was children who wrote in about how their parents made them pose with their pet pig or something like that.  Too funny!  The book is available today in bookstores and on Amazon.com and I highly recommend it as a Christmas present for any pet lovers out there…it is hysterical!  Check out the AFPP Book website for more information.
And…to make this post a little more awkward…here is a picture of Riley’s leg now that her staples are out!  The vet said her incision looks really good and she was acting her same old crazy self today at the vet’s office…sigh.  She saw her BFF, Brooke, and didn’t feel the need to pee for her today!!

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