New Digs

3 days of crate rest down, 53 more to go!  (Almost 4 days down).  Speaking of the crate…I discovered that Riley couldn’t exactly stand all the way up in her crate–she’s too dang tall!!  So I went out and got her the next size up, 42″ long x 28″ wide x 30″ high.  She is SO MUCH more comfortable in this crate and is able to stretch out some.  In fact, she just tried hiding her chew toy in her bed.

 Riley’s new digs!

Her leg is looking pretty good.  Sorry for the gross picture!
I never did find the water bowl that clipped to the crate, so we just broke down and spent $2.50 to buy a plastic one that we have hooked to one of the side walls now.  She’s been drinking a good bit of water and has had 2 BM’s since she’s been home–gross, I know, sorry!
Thanks for all the well-wishes and sooner, rather than later, this will all be in the past and she’ll be free to roam the house again!

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