Terra Paws Freeze Dried Treats

I was contacted a while back by the president of “Terra Paws,” who wondered if I (well, really Riley) would be interested in trying out a new treat they had coming out.  I said, sure, Riley would LOVE to try some new treats!  So sure enough, a few days later, some samples of their freeze dried dog treats came in the mail.  They smelled really good to the dogs because Riley and Chloe started growling at each other over who was going to get to eat the treats!

I ended up giving the treats to Riley a few days later (she seems to have less “digestion issues” than Chloe does, so I didn’t want to upset Chloe’s stomach) and she LOVED them!  They reminded me of Astronaut Ice Cream, the way they were freeze dried, and I always liked Astronaut Ice Cream.

Terra Paws (<– go check out their website…) sent two varieties, Beef Liver and Sweet Potato, and Sweet Potato and Chicken.  Riley didn’t really seem to favor one variety over the other, but she inhales anything–edible or not–so she might not have the “discerning palate” that your pups have.  The good thing about these treats is that they don’t contain any of the allergens that dogs are often allergic to.

This is her impatient face.

The two treat samples they sent.

I gave her the Beef Liver and Sweet Potato one first…and she loved them!

She inhaled them in like 2 seconds, so I was lucky to get this shot.

Then she got to enjoy the Sweet Potato and Chicken treats.


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