Chloe’s Prognosis

Well, we got some hopeful news today at the veterinary internist/oncologist’s office.  They did a $350 ultrasound(!!!) and discovered that she has a polyp in her bladder which could be causing all of her infections and that her mass doesn’t look like the typical malignant spleen mass, so that’s promising.  They shaved her belly to get good contact while they were doing the ultrasound, so her belly reminds me of a little piglet’s belly!  šŸ™‚  I didn’t get a picture of it tonight though.

The specialist was going to send his notes and recommendations over to her regular vet.  She needs to have a chest X-ray to make sure the mass hasn’t spread to her lungs, and then she can have surgery to have the mass and spleen removed and while they’re doing that surgery she can have the polyp removed from her bladder.  We have to call the vet’s office sometime next week to see when we can schedule the X-ray and her surgery.

Here are some pictures we took:

The tunnel on the way over.

Driving by the Navy base.

In the waiting room.

Back in the exam room, waiting on the doctor.  Everyone had to tell us how good and sweet Chloe was.

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