Chloe’s Day at the Vet–Test Results

This morning my dad dropped Chloe off at the vet for her tests.  I posted about this last week: she had her fatty tumors biopsied and they turned out to be benign, she had double ear infections, and she had a urinalysis because she’s had 3 bladder infections in the last 4 months.  She has a history of bladder stones (had surgery for them back in 2005) and the vet suggested doing an X-ray to see if she had more stones, a urine culture to see if it was just some kind of resistant bug causing the infections, and an ultrasound to make sure there wasn’t a mass.

My dad also opted to have her teeth professionally cleaned and her nails trimmed short while she was under the anesthesia (because he’s evil like that…mwahaha!).

 Chloe at the beach last year…trying to look like a cattle dog with her ear up!

He called me with the results about an hour ago.  Chloe’s teeth look good for her age (she’ll be thirteen this year), she doesn’t have any bladder stones, but she does have a mass on her spleen.  We don’t know yet if it’s cancerous or not and if it is cancerous–what kind of cancer it is.  She’s been referred to a veterinary internist and oncologist in Chesapeake.  I don’t know yet when that appointment will be.

Chloe’s still at the vet.  My dad is going to pick her up after he gets off work at 4:00 and I guess they’ll give him the rest of the information then.  In the meantime, Riley is missing her best friend and playmate.  It is a gorgeous day outside–about 68 degrees and sunny–I feel bad for Chloe that she’s stuck inside at the vet and can’t enjoy lying out in the sunshine working on her tan like she loves to do.  Riley and I are sitting outside in the backyard as I’m typing this.  I think we’ll stay out here as long as we can!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be another nice day–70 degrees and sunny–for our two therapy visits!


Oh, and since I forgot yesterday…here was a picture of Riley’s bandage before I took it off Tuesday night:

I am confident this is why her foot is healing up so well…!  🙂

15 thoughts on “Chloe’s Day at the Vet–Test Results

  1. Our thoughts are with Chloe~As for Riley.. we hope yous footsie gets better soon~it looks like yous has a little easter eggie on it's..We's got 60 degree weather here today in elgin!!Early Spring?? Yes!!We will be tinking about yous gals..hugs,IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man(ooh.. me's got taste for peanutty butter reeses eggie.. hu hu's)

  2. Bwhahahahaha…OMD…I loves my name on da cast. Yep, dat is definately why hers healed up so fast.Oh geez, dis is too funny!Thanks, ya'll are awesome!PuddlesPS: we tend to be worry warts 'round heres but, we knows Chloe will be fine. Her has a fab family to get her through.

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