Riley is Stuck at the Vet on Valentine’s Day

Poor Riley.  She had a nail that had been cracked for the last month or so but we were told to just keep an eye on it.  Well, Saturday it pulled away from the nail bed while Riley was playing outside.  So off to the vet we went this morning.

The nail had to come off.  They weren’t going to be able to do it until 2:00 PM today, so we came back home and then I just took her back to the vet and dropped her off at 2:00.  I’m expecting a call any minute to tell me how it went and when I can pick her up.  She’ll have a bandage she’ll have to keep on for at least 24 hours.

I knew she wasn’t feeling good last night when she came and practically laid down right on top of me and cuddled with me for a long time.

You can see the outside structure of the nail is sticking up…it’s not supposed to stick up at that angle.  The black part with the lighter tip on the end is the nail bed and quick.

Luckily when I dropped her off this afternoon, her best friend Brooke the receptionist was there.  Riley looooves Brooke and Brooke loves Riley.  I told her we missed seeing her this morning when we were there and she said she didn’t have to be at work until noon today so got to sleep in.  Brooke is the one who always makes Riley pee out of excitement…it never fails.  She’s the only person Riley gets excited and pees for.  Anyway, she told me on my way out the door that she was going to take good care of Riley.

8 thoughts on “Riley is Stuck at the Vet on Valentine’s Day

  1. Oh, Poor Riley! What a way to spend Valentine's, away from mom…Hopefully this will fix things for good and she'll be back to her old self again before you know it! Maybe a Valentine's day present is in order…I would recommend a pig ear though…not chocolates!

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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