Riley is Home!!

I just got Riley home.  She has a pretty pink bandage on her right front paw.  Her vet, Dr. Hall, said that new nail had started growing in already, so there wasn’t a lot of bleeding.  The bandage can come off tomorrow.  Riley’s still pretty doped up right now.

Dr. Hall said that they put Riley on a stretcher in the recovery area and that they usually put two leashes on them and that they didn’t because she was still pretty sedated.  The vet tech was right beside her at the sink washing dishes and Dr. Hall was across the room typing on the computer with her back to Riley.  Dr. Hall said she heard a tap-tap-tapping on the floor and that it didn’t really register with her.  Then she saw Riley stumbling towards the door!  Riley was trying to get out of there.  She said Riley knows the way out and that she was making a break for it.  Crazy girl!

Brooke (Riley’s bff at the vet) said she went and saw Riley before they sedated her and that she didn’t pee on the floor when she greeted her (she usually pees out of excitement when she sees Brooke).  She did, however, pee two little drops when we were saying goodbye to Brooke on the way out the door.  Some things never change.  I told Brooke her record is unbroken!

That wet spot on the couch is from where Riley was drooling, not where she was licking.  She hasn’t licked *yet.*

22 thoughts on “Riley is Home!!

  1. Poor Riley we are so sorry about your nail. We love the pink bandage. Callie girl had a pretty pink cast when she was small. We didn't even have her for one day and the boys broke her. She had to wear her pink cast for 4 weeks.. Yepper tell grandma it is quite exciting here in the Heeler den. Lots of excitement and the little girl usually starts it. Then the chase is on.. It is so hard to believe that 3 dogs can shed so much all year long. You would think they were all bald by now… Big Sloppy KissesGus, Louie and Callie

  2. Oh dang, I saw dis pop up so came to dis post to leaves my super intellectual comment…bwhahahaha! Yea, anyways, thank dogness dat is all overs…whew! Poor Riley, I can't believes her was trying to escape afters bein' all drugged up. Sorry, but it is rather amusing.I is currently at a party in Hicbar and I has had lots of beers and I is very giggly…..hehehehe! Come to da party at Alien'sPuddles

  3. Oh poor Riley!! I hate when the dogs are drugged up – they look so miserable (yet I laugh because they also do stupid stuff…like drool). I hope tomorrow she's back to her old self!

  4. Poor Riley! I know all too well how that goes!Sherman has a yellow bandage on now where his nail had come off, he keeps licking it like crazy, so now it has to be wrapped!I hope Riley feels better soon:)

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