Stylin’ Riley

After my frantic last minute search for a Valentine’s Day bandana for Riley to wear to the nursing home, I decided to get her a few more ahead of time for some upcoming holidays.  Sugar the Golden Retriever had kindly suggested checking out Sugar’s Paw House for bandanas.  She offered up a St. Patrick’s Day bandana and a 4th of July bandana.  She also decided to throw in a ruffled collar cover, but she tells us that those are by special order only and are not listed on the Sugar’s Paw House website.

4th of July bandana…it’s reversible.  Stars on one side and heart flags on the other.

St. Patrick’s Day bandana!

Riley modeling.

Another shot of the supermodel.

The collar cover–remember, it’s by special order only.

Thanks Sugar (and Sugar’s Mom)!!!

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