Poor Little Chloe

We need the “Power of the Paw” for poor little Chloe.  The poor gal went to the V-E-T the other day because we thought she had ear infections.  Well, she does have ear infections, but that’s the least of her problems.

While she was there, they did a urinalysis (she is prone to bladder infections and had surgery to remove bladder stones in 2004 or 2005) AND they biopsied 3 fatty tumors on her body.  The fatty tumors turned out to just be…well, fatty tumors…that are benign.

We got a message on our answering machine yesterday from the V-E-T.  It seems Chloe has another bladder infection and the V-E-T said that makes 3 bladder infections in the last 4 months.  So she has to go back to the dreaded V-E-T again this coming Thursday (2/17/2011) for an X-ray to see if she has bladder stones again, a urine culture to see if she has some kind of super resistant bug that the antibiotics are not killing, and an ultrasound to see if she has a mass…which would most likely mean some kind of cancer.

Chloe’s typical perch.

Chloe was our first (and only) family dog.  She’ll be 13 this year.  We got her when I was 12 or 13.

This was Riley the other day when Chloe was gone to the V-E-T.  She was looking for her best pal!

 And Grandma (good, good Grandma!) got a few pictures of Riley in the snow yesterday morning before she went to work.  We didn’t get much and it was pretty much all gone by noon.  This was the only picture where Riley was standing still.  That’s her nasty rope that she’s got in her mouth…the rope that she’s OBSESSED with!

22 thoughts on “Poor Little Chloe

  1. Oh my gosh! You must be so depressed and anxious about your Chloe and I am so sorry about this prognosis! I didn't realize she is 13 and that you've only had her for a short time. Poor baby! I hope cancer is not the issue and that it is something that can be remedied quickly!

  2. Aww 😦 We'll be thinking of chloe! Maddie (my family's old lady dog) had a fatty tumor scare last year… Think Positive! Maddie has them All. Over. but every one (knock on wood) is benign. Chloe's in our paws and prayers!!

  3. Oh no big Heeler Vibes are coming your way Chloe. We have all our paws crossed for you..Sure glad you got to play in the snow a little bit Riley…Ours is all gone now too.. 70 degrees this weekend..Big Sloppy KissesGus, Louie and Callie

  4. Oh crap ya'll! I am so sorry to read dis bouts Chloe!Poor little thing. Well you knows I has her in my thoughts and prayers and I'll do 3 hail mary's too and I not even catholic.I think dat rope is in purty good shape to tells ya da truth…hehehehe!PuddlesPS: it's so nice to be missed:)

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