Wubba…What Wubba?

I got a little sidetracked posting those two posts about therapy dogs, but I wanted to show you what Riley’s Wubba looked like on day 3 of her having it…

She then proceeded to completely tearing that little tennis ball apart.  There was only about half and inch of the shell of it left when she was done with it.  She has been enjoying playing with the big squeaky ball though.

And this is just proof that she follows me around…EVERYWHERE…even the bathroom.
We got about an inch of snow this morning, but not enough to even delay or close anything down.  I, unfortunately, didn’t get a chance to get a picture of it because I was trying to hurry to get to a doctor’s appointment and now it’s all melted.  😦

16 thoughts on “Wubba…What Wubba?

  1. Riley you need to take that wubba back it was definitely defective.. Yepper we follow mom everywhere too. Louie even followed Mom into MeMaw's walk in shower when we were in Wisconsin this Summer.. Big Sloppy KissesGus, Louie and Callie

  2. Hey…Hey…I has a purple wubba too!!!! Uh, but mine don't looks quite likes dat one. Mine still has a ball INSIDE.Well done Riley!At least Hers don't jump in YOUR lap while you is tinklin'…bwhahahahahaha…Oh me, I am soooooooo funny sometimes.Puddles

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