Worn Out Wubba

I got Riley’s three Wubbas in the mail yesterday that I ordered from Barking Deals.  We gave one to cousin Daisy the Boxer for her birthday that’s coming up on February 15th.  She’ll be 4 this year…I can still remember the first day Aunt Baddy brought her home.  She bolted across the street when we took her to Petsmart to buy a collar and leash and then when we got home she got scared of the air conditioner outside and she sat in the corner of the dining room without moving for about 4 hours.  We call her “Crazy Daisy” for a reason!

Riley loves the Wubba!  We couldn’t find it last night but it turned out she had taken it outside–she does that with toys she really likes.  She likes to shake it and chase it.  She also, unfortunately, likes to try to tear it up…and has succeeded.  Here are some pictures of what it looks like on Day 2.  (Luckily we have another one she can have once this one gets completely torn up)!

If you missed yesterday’s post about our nursing home visit, be sure to check it out.  I have some actual pictures on it!

13 thoughts on “Worn Out Wubba

  1. Yup, that's normally the way they go! Grandma got Cassie a blue fuzzy Wubba for Christmas and sadly it was gone in a few hours. It's annoying that such a good toy company makes such easily destroyed toys. I'm not really sure what they are meant to be for either…fetching, tugging?? I just don't know! They don't really stand up to any distress!

  2. Woof! Woof! Are you sure Riley chewed it up. I am not a chewer but I was given a Wubba last summer n played with it (a lot). I think my sharp teeth did it or the way I held it on my mouth while running with it. It started with a small tore on the side … just like your. So don't blame Riley. Lots of Golden Woofs, SugarFYI: Saw your post on your recent Nursing home visit. You picked out a great bandana. We wrote a comment on your FB page re:bandana. Woof! Sugar

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