Nursing Home Visit Pictures!

Well, I finally managed to get some pictures on our nursing home visit today.  Oh, and I am happy to report that Riley’s favorite resident, “Mrs. K” was still alive and well, she had just moved rooms and we missed her on the last visit.  She was so happy to see us!  And Riley was equally happy to see her.  I got Mrs. K’s friend who was visiting to take a picture of Riley and I in her room.

Riley did great on her visit.  One of the women that works there told us that Riley’s her favorite dog that comes to visit.  Some people (I don’t know if they’re workers or just visitors) bring their little dogs to visit, but they aren’t therapy dogs.  I think it’s nice that the people bring their dogs to share their joy.  We’re the only official therapy dog team that visits the nursing home though.  Riley got to showcase her tricks four different times.  Everyone’s favorite is always Riley’s “Sit Pretty” trick where she sits up on her hind legs.  It’s Riley’s favorite trick too…she automatically goes into her “Pretty” position whenever she senses I might have a treat for her.  I felt good because two different people at two different times on the visit today told me how well Riley minded me.  It’s always nice to get a compliment like that…much less two!

(Therapy Dogs International does not let you give your dog treats while you’re on a visit or let anyone else give your dog a treat on a visit.  The exception is when you’re doing a demonstration of their tricks and commands they know.)

Anyway, enough blabbering and onto the pictures!

A close-up (at home) of Riley’s new Valentine’s Day bandana I bought her for her visit today (and a good shot of her therapy dog tag).
Where we visit.
An outside shot of the building.
Riley and I in Mrs. K’s room.  The lanyard around my neck is our badge and the other thing on my shoulder is my camera bag.  We couldn’t quite get a picture of Riley looking at the camera…this was the best shot.  She kept wanting to look at me and look out in the hall.

17 thoughts on “Nursing Home Visit Pictures!

  1. I love Riley's Valentine's bandanna! I know what you mean about being complimented on how well behaved Riley is and how well she minds you. It's always makes you feel good when someone else realizes what a great dog she is!

  2. Law haves mercy, I din't think you was evers gonna stop blabbin' but then you did…hehehehe!I think dis is such a good thing fur Riley and da little blue hair ladies. They tell great stories of da past and they just want a little attention cuz prolly most haves been deserted by their own families and Riley puts a smile on their faces.Puddles

  3. That is so great that Riley is a good therapy dog. I have seen how that really brings a smile to patients faces! Wyatt has been to see his Grandpa in the VA home a couple of times. He just has a bit too much enthusiasm…Wyatt's Mom

  4. This is so great that you are doing this! I wanted Pip to become a therapy dog because he will pretty much just sit in anyone's lap. Around here they only want certified dogs and to get certified you have to be younger -Pip's 13 so I guess he is out of luck.Kristin (Pip's mom)

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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