Morning Play Session

Here are some pictures from Riley and Grandma’s morning play session.  We have a therapy visit scheduled for tomorrow, so stay tuned tomorrow to see how it went.

“What?  You were trying to read, Grandma?”

Always so focused on an orange ball.

“Please throw it, Grandma!!  Pretty please!!”

16 thoughts on “Morning Play Session

  1. Aww.. Kallie loves her yellow bouncy tennis ball too. She is addicted to play 'fetch'. Kallie will [in her mind]very politely plop the ball on whatever I'm doing [normally school work] and then just sit down and.. wait … for the ball fairy to throw it for her again.Can't wait to see how tomorrow goes.From one heeler to another,Diana and Kallie

  2. I wish someone would invent a ball launcher that was affordable enough to put in your yard so you could let your dog play until they wanted to stop!! I wear out before the dogs do!

  3. It's amazing how they can stay so focused on one thing. Good luck tomorrow, we have two therapy visits scheduled for Saturday and then a Superbowl party Sunday.

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