Play, Play, Play!!

All Riley ever wants to do is play…she LIVES to play!!  Don’t tell Riley she’s boring or doesn’t like to have a good time because it’s simply not true!

Greeting Grandpa…being a lap dog!

“Okay, let’s PLAY BALL!!!”
Done playing after about 15 minutes of playing fetch in the house…she could still go on but I get tired and I don’t want her hips to be sore.  Sorry I don’t have any pictures of us actually playing…I just realized that.  Next time, perhaps!

And through all this, of course Chloe just sleeps…like she does all day, night, day, night, day, night…

17 thoughts on “Play, Play, Play!!

  1. What's wrong withs dat? I looooves to play and mum hopes I'll play so hard dat I WILL get tired. Can herescome hers to play withs me? Dat would be way fun.And lemme just say I ADPRES dat second foto of Riley. her smilin'…hehehe!Puddles

  2. This is where having a second dog with the same energy level and play style coming in handy. Kallie is a typical heeler, play, play, play. Just like your boy! My other dog who is four years old sleeps until Kallie wants to play. So it works out well. They suite each-other beautifully. Thankfully, Kallie has an 'off' switch too. When we play, she plays hard and when we 'chill' down she's a lap-dog.I love the temperament of a heeler, don't you?!

  3. She looks so happy with her ball. Dru is the same way. She could go all day and night. Spike gets excited to play and then after about 2 minutes it becomes way too much effort for him and he lies down to chew a stick or something.

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