Some Puppy Pictures

I was feeling a bit nostalgic today (and I didn’t really have any good pictures from our lazy weekend), so I decided to post some pictures of when Riley was 2 months old in May of 2009.  Enjoy!

First night home.

Riley and Chloe still love to play tug of war with each other.

They used to play this game where they would take the tennis ball out of each other’s mouth and would go back and forth between dogs with it.

Back when Chloe used to be able to pin Riley down…now it’s most definitely the other way around!

My all time favorite picture of Miss Dirt Face!

Another shot of her dirty muzzle.

18 thoughts on “Some Puppy Pictures

  1. Oh mercy me's, wasn't Riley just adorables and now I is deaf thanks to mum squeeling in my ear…pop went da ear drum. Okays, so her likes dirt…good stuffs lemme tell ya.I'm so glad you showed us puppy fotos of hers, I hasn't seen any.Puddles

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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