3 Large Kong Wubbas for $13.99

Check out the “Barking Deal” of the day…it’s $13.99 for three large Kong Wubbas.  Shipping is free, so that’s a pretty good deal!  I bought the deal for Riley…I figured if it’s three of them, she can tear them up and still have replacements.

Picture taken from BarkingDeals.com
Also…I think I made an A+ on my first test for my nutrition class.  I was a little concerned because the quiz was actually surprisingly hard, but I read over the Power Points, read the chapters in the book, and took notes and it definitely paid off!!

15 thoughts on “3 Large Kong Wubbas for $13.99

  1. Howdy, thanks for visiting our blog! Wubbas looke like fun, but Minnie and Mack aren't crazy about them. Mack doesn't like toys and Minnie is a little ball and stuffies kind a girl! We live in Northern VA. Where do you all reside?Drools and licks,Minnie and Mack

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