Awfully Calm

We’re having a lazy kind of day today.  Riley’s been fairly sedate today…and she’s not even on any medication!  Her stools have firmed up nicely and she’s back on her regular kibble (and is wishing she was back on that yummy chicken and rice!).  She turns 2 in March, so I’m thinking she’s starting to calm down some.  Plus, it’s a gloomy day out today (it rained alllllllll day yesterday), so I guess that just equals laziness.  I’m sure she’ll perk up and be her wild self once Grandpa gets home (she always shows herself for Grandpa!  She’ll be calm and sleeping all day and then go wild when my dad gets home).

Oh, and I don’t know what the deal was the other day with uploading my pictures on Blogger…  I tried it on 2 different computers and I logged out and back in and I tried only uploading one at a time and it still wouldn’t work.  So who knows.  Anyway…

Umm, Puddles, here’s that pitcher of Kool-Aid we promised you!!  Now get your cute little Doxie butt over here with the Cheeto’s!!

16 thoughts on “Awfully Calm

  1. OMG I grew up with that same orange pitcher!!!! How funny!!! Um not to discourage you but my parent's two Queenlsands are 9 and 6 and they are both still insanely hyper =) Hehehe so good luck with that!

  2. Rain, rain go aways, come backs another day!!!!Rainy days just gives ya da blahs! I don't likes da rain myself…don't likes to go pee pee in it.I is so glad Riley's poop is betters. Okays, dat was just weird to type out loud.Hehehehe…you has a Tupperware pitcher from da 70's. I don't knows if I should laugh or cry…hehehehehe. Mum says those are stills da bestest though. I'm on my waaaaaaays.Puddles

  3. I am glad she is feeling so much better and has been calm these days. Don't complain too much about her sedate-ness, I did that once and then Shiva spent the next three weeks driving me, uh, I mean making me laugh by running around for hours on end.;-)I could go for some kool-aid!

  4. Glad you are feeling better! Gibson's been suffering from tummy ailments for a bit and is just coming off boiled chicken & rice (well, a blend right now). Keep feeling better…and looking forward to your birthday!!!

  5. hooray, miss riley! i'm glad you are feelin' the betterment! woof to your mama that we young doggies can turn on our cracker side at the drop of a hat. heehee.pretty please may i come over for some kool aid, too? i'll bring another baggie of cheetos!*woof*the booker man

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