Barker’s Dozen Groupon

I got an e-mail from the Barker’s Dozen today alerting me to their Groupon that they have running for the next 4 days.  It’s $10 for $20 worth of dog treats.  I bought one for me to use for Riley’s birthday and one for my sister to use for cousin Daisy’s birthday in February.

In other news…we also discovered Riley likes to eat squash and zucchini.  She’s all about the fruits and vegetables…and anything edible or inedible!  Also, after waiting what seemed like all day (actually, only until 2:40 PM), my laptop came!  I’m posting this blog from my new laptop.  It’s much better than my other one that was 7 years old.  It’s so much smaller and lighter.  Anyway, enough of that…happy Wednesday!

13 thoughts on “Barker’s Dozen Groupon

  1. I've never done Groupons so have no idea how they work but we'll have to look into this. Congrats on the new laptop. Seven years is a LONG time in computer terms. My Mac is 2 years old and I'm complaining about how slow it is!

  2. Oh yay, your laptop came today! Ain't dat just so exciting to gets packages in da mail…even though you paid fur it…betters when you don't.Yea, in my food news…I gots in trubles (shocking)fur eating some sort of berries dat fell from da neighbors tree. Don't knows what they was though.I can't believes Riley likes zuccini. Much betters as a bread.Puddles

  3. YAY for the yaptop and YAY for berries! We love blueberries almost as much as treats. We said almost :-)Thanks for your words of encuragement to Mom. She did exactly as you did — grumpy face, i've got much more important places to be, etc. But it didn't work. I guess the whole invisibility thing that Ruby trys to pull on the bed doesn't work for humans either!!-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

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