The Embarrassing Story

This is the embarrassing story of how I am too sound of a sleeper.  I take medicine at night that makes me sleepy, so I’m going to blame it on that.  Now my girl (that would be Riley) has not had an accident in the house since she was about 4 months old.  So it’s been a year and a half since she’s peed in the house.  Well, actually, I take that back…she has peed in the house once or twice out of excitement when someone we won’t name (okay, we will name him…Uncle Jimmy) has come over, but that doesn’t really count.

At about 2:10 this morning I heard Riley scratching on my bedroom door and doing her half bark thing.  I was just too sleepy to fully wake up though.  I was sort of in a quasi-sleep mode where I wasn’t totally asleep but I wasn’t totally awake either.  Next thing I know, I hear what sounds like water pouring on the floor…for a looooong time.  Yes, it was Riley desperately peeing on the floor.

There was a huge puddle about 14 inches across by 6 inches wide.  After I heard her peeing, that woke me up.  So I took her outside and she peed another big long pee.  The poor baby was not messing around…she had to go!  Luckily we have our Bissell Pet Spot Bot that works wonders, so I cleaned it right up.

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So that is our my embarrassing story for the day.  By the way, what has my life come to that I keep posting blogs about my dog’s bathroom habits…first the poop, now the pee?

15 thoughts on “The Embarrassing Story

  1. Beth here….that is so funny….well, not for you. I am a heavy sleeper and don't wake up to anything. Thank goodness my husband wakes up to EVERYTHING! When Remington wants out during the night he goes over and just looks at Mike and Mike wakes up! Otherwise I am certain I would be cleaning up messes too!

  2. Oh Riley you just had to go.. Callie girl does her arp, arp and if we don't run to the backdoor she just lets it go.. I blame myself for that not her.. Of course when it comes to peeing in wet grass that is definitely a NO for Callie. We usually have accidents then also.. Of course Gus can hold it for days it seems.. He never has accidents and Louie is the same way.. Maybe it is a girl thing?Big Sloppy KissesGus, Louie and Callie

  3. Me and da brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) haven't done dat yet but some of da odder pack members have….so you is not alone. We we gotta go, we gotta IFS, ANTs, or BUTTS! AmberPeeS……Don't tell anyone bout dis, but one of our pack had a bladder infection recently and peed in her sleep…..all over da Mom.

  4. I am afraid we have had the very same experience at our house too. Mistaya has only peed in the house once..when we first got her 2 years ago. And she had a poop accident about a year ago. She knew she should not poop in the house so out of desperation she pooped in her bed!Poor baby, I felt so sorry for her. She actually acted embarressed and oh so guilty!I have been a better dog mom since then and try to always let her outside before bedtime. Especially if I have taken anything to help me sleep!Hugs, Mistaya's mom Gail

  5. The hubbs and I have actually gotten peed on before..Anakin peed on Robs head!! Yes, it's true!!We just got Anakin and he was freaking out…So Rob and I slept on an air mattress with him and I awoke to Anakin peeing on the side of Rob's head!!!!!!!!!Good thing Rob has a sence of humor…I have been home sick with a bad headache and have woken up with a peed soiled blankie on me!!Nice!!I love to here these stories!! Sorry, but they are real!When people say their dogs never have accidents.. I think Hmmmmmmm…… well, okay.. maybe.. but yeh sure- it's gonna happen and when it does, it's okay!!Hugs,Pugga Momma

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