Chicken and Rice

Riley seems to be enjoying this whole chicken and rice gig.  I’m sure she’ll probably eventually get tired of it, but for now she’s super excited to be getting to eat such delicious food!  I last poop scooped yesterday and she was still having loose stools.  I’ll poop scoop again tomorrow and see if she’s firming up at all.

Running low on supplies.


Plus this…
Equals this.
The medicine Riley’s on has been making her a little sleepy yesterday and today.  She’s still playing and everything but if I stop playing with her and let her get a little quiet time, she’s out like a light.  She’s on the puppy version of Reglan.
Sleeping on Mommy’s leg.
“Just five more minutes…”

13 thoughts on “Chicken and Rice

  1. My mom just made a big turkey, cuz grandma is staying with us for awhile and she luvs turkey. That is our favorite thing in the whole wide world…Turkey Turkey Turkey!!Wyatt and Stanzie

  2. awww, miss riley, i'm sorry you've been havin' the backdoor trots for a few months…but it is pretty nice to get the chicken 'n rices!! have you gotten to try some canned plumpkin? my mama gives that to me 'n asa if we are havin' poopy troubles. it's totally nommy, and it works grrreat! i hope your tummy 'n stuff feels better very soon like. you just keep enjoyin' all your extra snoozin' time, okie dokie? teehee.*woof*the booker manpee s — asa is totally not a morning doggie. she could snooze until like 10am if i let her. (and i don't. heehee.) so she was a big old cranky pants about gettin' up to go to the bathroom already, and then when she realized it was blowin' windy and cold and snowy, that was just the stick that broke the camel dude's back!!

  3. Poor Riley, it's not easy being sick! The first time we had to put Spike and Dru on Chicken & Rice we were sure it wasn't working because it took almost a week to get firm stools out of them. Ah what our lives have been reduced to!

  4. I'm so sorry that Riley has had an upset stomach. Something tells me she likes the chicken dinners though. I hope she feels better very soon. I love the photo of her sleeping on your leg!

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