Smart Girl

I know I’ve shared a video similar to this before, but I just wanted to show everyone again how proud I am of my smart girl!  I wish I had snow pictures or even ice pictures to share but we didn’t get any.  We were supposed to get snow/ice early this morning (around 4 AM) but it just didn’t happen.

Riley’s release word is “Okay,” so I try to trip her up with other words that sound like “okay.”  You can see it almost worked one time in the video but she thought about it again before she got up to eat.  Like my “elevated feeder” AKA dryer door??  🙂

19 thoughts on “Smart Girl

  1. Riley are one smart pup. So sorry you didn't get any snow. You can certainly have the cold weather we are having right now.. Tell Grandma us heeler's can be a handful at times but Dad says we keep life interesting.. Mom wishes we were on the farm so we would be totally worn out all the time. he he Big Sloppy KissesGus, Louie and Callie

  2. Wells heck…I is just as smart as dat! Pfffttt…I am so lying!Holy cows dat is just amazing.Niiiiiice feedin' station. Dat looks like sumptin we'd do down heres in our redneck parts…hehehe!Puddles

  3. Hi Y'all,My Humans make me eat in my crate and I'm an only dog! Plus, she makes me wait like you Riley, still…even though I'm an adult now! Jeese! Humans! I have to wait and focus on her eyes before she'll through anything for me! Does your Momma make you do that too? Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. Awww!! 'dats cute!!When Momma feeds us hers says come'on guys lets eat… Daddy Man sounds like Muppet character.. hee heesand goes "who's hungry" we's got two commands..butt one puggie in pugticlar..IzZY(a little slow) not so much gets it and runs eveytimes momma or daddy man in kitchen and puts her big head in momma's food if hers trying to eat poppy corns or sometings..hee heesCute video!!Hugs,Josie

  5. Smart Riley! I love teasing my dog with different release words around dinner time. It drives her nuts. She just sits there on her mat, quivering. It is a great way to train impulse control, something very important for dogs to learn. It looks like Riley can handle it no problem!

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