And the Bath Goes On

Riley did end up getting her bath yesterday because after the freak snow flurries, it warmed up some outside and it all melted away and got muddy.  I went out back with my dad to help him get up all the leaves in the yard and Riley was out there doing whatever it is she does to get filthy.  Soooo…she desperately needed a bath.

Here are the pictures:

To start things off right, I completely soaked my leg with the sprayer…

Not too happy but she did willingly jump in the bathtub like a good girl!!

Lathering her up.


Still rinsing…that undercoat is not something to mess around with!

This was Riley’s least favorite part…getting her head clean.

After bath kissies and making sure her head smells good.

Aww, all done but still not too happy.

Now VERY happy that she’s out of the tub and has a rawhide treat to eat!

14 thoughts on “And the Bath Goes On

  1. Wow, I'm impressed that she jumps in the tub. We have to drag Spike and Dru kicking & screaming into the bath. They are very good about staying in the tub once we get them there but they HATE it. We give them a little bit of ice cream as a treat for their ordeal.

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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