Nice Ladies

Here’s a picture of Riley and Chloe being “nice ladies.”  That’s what we call them when they aren’t running around playing and are being good to each other.  We’ll say “Well look at the nice ladies!”  It’s from a few weeks ago because I’m too lazy sick to go upstairs and get the camera and take a picture and then load it onto the computer upstairs.

I decided the nursing home probably doesn’t want me coming and spreading my germs along with my good cheer on Friday so I called to cancel.  I hate canceling because I know how much the residents (and Riley and I) love our visits.  Hopefully I won’t be sick for our next visit (scheduled on the 21st)!

16 thoughts on “Nice Ladies

  1. I love when they are quiet like that, a stranger would have no idea the destruction they are capable of leaving in their path when they aren't sleeping.I'm thinking we might have to cancel our therapy visits this weekend as well. Neither of us is feeling too hot today and we're expecting more snow on Saturday. We had to cancel our last visits on account of the blizzard so we're hoping we won't have to cancel this week too!

  2. I LOVE cattle dogs! And I love Riley's huge ears. I can almost see them from here. Thanks for visiting our bloggie. I so wish I had the time to get at least one of my rotties certified as a therapy dog. I know they would enjoy it so much. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. My snow photo posted today was taken a couple of weeks ago too. I haven't picked up the camera in a few days, but there are lots stored in the computer. It looks like Riley and Chloe are great friends. Get well soon!

  4. Hope you feel better soon, moms on a sickie two, she says its 3 up from man flu lol!!! I don't mine I get to go on the PC more and catch up with me mates ;)see she only lets me on on it when shes in the house ;)See Yea George xxx

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