Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Best Friend

I couldn’t resist sharing this picture of the two best friends chilling out together on the couch:

Riley was lying with her head right near Chloe’s but of course she moved as soon as I appeared with the camera.
Here’s another picture of Riles enjoying the snow.  A lot of it has melted today in the backyard…you can start to see grass again.  The front yard’s still covered though.

Here’s Riley enjoying her present from Aunt Nancy, Frank, and Roxie (their dog).  They gave one of these stuffed rawhide chews (trust me, the dogs were supervised) to Riley and to Chloe.

Chloe took her sweet time eating hers.  Riley finished hers and had to wait around for about 30 minutes (no joke) for Chloe to finish hers.  She did good though, she just waited for her to get through and didn’t try to take it from Chloe.

Still waiting.  Watching very carefully!

11 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Best Friend

  1. We didn't gets to eat them rawhide thingys cuz we ain't loved. Okay, wait…mum said fur me not to say dat…it's da truth though.Riley and Chloe is so sweet togethers…kinda likes me and my brudder…NOT…bwhahahaha! Puddles

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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