Zooming in a Winter Wonderland

I got my first ever white Christmas (albeit it was around 7 PM, but still, it was Christmas)!  Riley and Chloe have had fun playing out in the snow today.

Christmas sure wears Riley out!

The snow last night (on Christmas).

The snow so far this morning.

Pretty tree.

Garden flag.

Riley zooming alone.

Burying her snout in it.

Look at the ears…Chloe is a wannabe Cattle Dog!

See what I mean?


Just so you get an idea of how much snow we have…at least 6 or 7 inches.

14 thoughts on “Zooming in a Winter Wonderland

  1. Riley and Elsye?!1 can you belienve all the snow we are getting?!!!?!? Daddy has to go to work in norfolk tomorrow and we are all not looking forward to him having to drive… I hope someone in the skies havea huge hot blow drier!!

  2. Oh gosh…we gots snow on Christmas day too! Uh, we only got about an inch but hey, we in in da south so we'll take what we can get…hehehe!Have a blast in da snow Riley and Chloe…our is already gone.Puddles

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