Prepping for Tomorrow–CHRISTMAS!!

We are so excited about it being Christmas Eve!!  Almost Christmas morning!  Today was filled with human stuff, but the dogs did get some treats.  First I (Elyse) went with Riley’s Grandma and Grandpa to pick up some yeast rolls from a local bakery (the rolls were delicious, by the way), then we went to lunch at a local pizza place, then we went to a Christmas Eve service that our church put on.  They even gave away an iPad–none of us won it though.  Then we rushed to the store and then we went over to Aunt Baddy and Uncle Jimmy’s house for Christmas Eve dinner and some presents.  Our dogs got some treats from Aunt Baddy and Uncle Jimmy but I failed to get pictures of those once we got home.

Here are some pictures:

 Saaaweet–I scored an iTunes card!!
Riley’s Aunt Baddy and Uncle Jimmy.
Me (Elyse), and Riley’s Grandpa and Aunt Baddy. 
Daisy and Highway (not pictured) had these Merrick bones to chew on and were occupied throughout the present opening.
Then it was back home to put together some casseroles for everyone at our house tomorrow morning.  Baddy and Jimmy are coming over at 7:30 AM so we can do presents here (I just get so excited…that I can’t sleep…and wake up really early…I may be waking up Riley tomorrow morning…) and while we’re opening presents we’ll cook our casseroles.  My mom made a French Toast Casserole and I made my famous Hash Brown Casserole.  Here are some pics:
It’ll basically clog your arteries right up…hash browns, cheese, onions, bacon, and ham topped with more cheese…but hey, I’m not taking my nutrition class until next semester!

Riley got to enjoy a little cheese too.
And here’s the baby waiting under the tree for the perfect present!
Well, I’m off to wrap Riley’s presents.  I didn’t dare put them under the tree for her to find before tomorrow morning!

7 thoughts on “Prepping for Tomorrow–CHRISTMAS!!

  1. Riley… Arent those crzy humans weird?! I dont even know what the heck this tree, and crazy paper is dong in MY house! do you?I think they need to come out with a story book for us pups so we understand all this funky stuff!!(ps.. mommy let me opena gift early and I actually unwrapped the whole thing all bymyself!!) I got a piggy that makes a loud piggy noise!

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