Riley’s Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

It’s me, Riley the Cattle Dog.  I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been as good a girl as a crazy old Cattle Dog can be this year!  I got my Therapy Dogs certification this year and visited people in the nursing home.  I tried not to play too rough with old Chloe but sometimes I just get a little carried away.  I tried to take care of the little animals in the backyard but my jaws may have been a bit much for them.

Santa, I’d like lots and lots of treats.  I’d like lots of toys too.  I’d also like lots of treats…oh wait, I already said that.  Well, just make that double toys then I guess.

See, here’s a picture of me being good:

 See…I’m leaving Chloe alone and am even smiling for the picture.  I’m not spoiled like Chloe, either, because I don’t get to get under blankets and covers!
Thank you Santa Claus, I love you so much!  I will give you a big kiss when you come here in a few nights!!

20 thoughts on “Riley’s Letter to Santa

  1. Oh crap…I gets under da blankies…am I still gonna gets stuff from Santa? I'm skeered now.Riley, I know you has been a good girl dis year…especially afters getting your certificate. Dat is way awesome, I could nevers do dat.No worries…you'll get lots from da big guy.Puddles

  2. Riley, you are such a good girl that when I went to the vet today to get Chloe's dog food, your friend Brooke said to tell Riley, "Merry Christmas!"I think Brooke might put in a good word for you to Santa!!!Riley's Grandma

  3. I dont get under blankies either!!! But I LOVE to chase those animal friends, especially squirrels…does that make me bad? I hope not. I'm nice to my kitties!!I hope Santa brings you lots and lots of toys and treats!

  4. That was a great letter for 'da Santa Man Riley!! Him is sure to bring yous lots and lots of treatsies… hee heesIf him gets to yous first.. tell hims for us's peese… we's good too… snorts!!Hugs,IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

  5. Woo forgot one thing! Cookies! ask fur Cookies!!and thanks fur the remindah.. got to get my letter to santa in the mail. or umm.. could woo sign my name to yours too?!!!just sayin.tula

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