Fun in the Snow!

It has snowed an inch or two so far today and we’re supposed to get 3 to 5 inches.  I doubt we’ll get that much since it seems to have tapered off for now but Riley’s enjoying it while it lasts.  She likes to eat it and put her nose in it.  Chloe and Riley played zoomies for a bit out in the snow.  Chloe has always loved snow.

Is that not the cutest snow face you’ve ever seen!?!?
You have to get two different segmented shots of our yard because I had on bedroom slippers and was just standing on the patio to get a picture.  Shot #1…left side of the yard.

Shot #2…right side of the yard.

Good thing we have zoom on the camera!

Pretty tree in my neighbor’s yard.
A big thanks to our pal Remington and all the other blogging pals that have sent snow our way!!

15 thoughts on “Fun in the Snow!

  1. oops, after you commented on Stumpy's blog someone left a warning with regard to treat dispensers with only one hole. I posted a link at the bottom of my blog. Long story short a dog's tongue had to be amputated as a result. YIKES!

  2. That face is the cutest snow face I've ever seen but don't tell our coonhound, Daisy, that I said that! Daisy has not had the chance to play in the snow this winter and we'd prefer to only see the white stuff on the 25th and that's it but Daisy would love to see the snow very soon!

  3. Elyse. I am not good with measurements but it was the same that your pictures have! I am soooo glad riley got to have fun in the snow too!!We should have a play date in the snow before nova gets big!

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