Hiding Their Noses

It’s been in the 20’s and 30’s for the last I don’t know how many days.  Riley sleeps on my bed at night and I’ve noticed that the last few nights she’s been hiding her nose up under the covers or putting her nose between the two pillows up at the top of the bed.  I guess her little nose has been getting too cold at night (we do run the heater, but it still gets a bit chilly but nothing too bad).  Then yesterday, I noticed that Chloe was lying with her nose up under Riley to keep it warm…

I saw a Kong Wobbler on someone else’s blog about a month or so ago and thought I’d like to get one for Riley.  I went and looked at Petsmart when we were there the other day and they wanted $19.99 for it…ridiculous.  Care-A-Lot had them for $10.99 but I bought it on Amazon yesterday for $8.60 (score!) plus free two-day shipping with my free Amazon Prime Student account.  It got here today!  So I let Riley figure out on her own how to get her dinner tonight.  She seemed to have fun with it, plus it took her about 10 minutes to eat all her dinner whereas it usually takes her less than 1 minute to eat it out of her bowl.  Here’s a bit of the video I got of her:

Ignore the stacks and stacks of books.  That would be my dad’s misplaced library.  He’s in the process (and when I say in the process I mean hasn’t worked on them in months) of building new book cases.

14 thoughts on “Hiding Their Noses

  1. Well, heck how would I knows…I HAS to sleep in a crate…NOT in a bed…hoping someone is feelin' sorry fur me (wink wink).Don't knows nuttin bouts da Kong Wobbler but I knows all bouts them books on da floor and da bookshelf dat was suppose to haves been built/bought many years ago….hehehehe!Puddles

  2. Hey Riley, Just between you and me, the fastest way to get to your supper is to pick the Kong up and raise your head back as far as possible, then SLAM the Kong down on the floor or bounce it off a wall…I guarantee the food will fly everywhere and you can scoff it right up! Good luck!Hawk aka BrownDogP.S. Y'all are havin' a HEAT WAVE! The high hasn't topped 14 degrees here for days. I can't even enjoy the snow. Before I finish my daily ablutions my paws are so frozen I'm hoppin' from one leg to another. I finally limp and hobble back to the house. P.P.S. My Human always goes out with me…she suffers right along with me…

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