School’s Out!!

I didn’t unpack all the books from the library book sale the other day and forgotten I’d also gotten two other books for about 25 cents each:

I firmly believe that you can never have too many dog books!  We got the Dachshund book for my dad since Chloe’s a dachshund mix…kinda looks like our dear friend Puddles, doesn’t it?  And the dog on the Dog Care Handbook reminds me of sweet Sugar.
I finished all my school work for this semester last night.  Right now I still have a 99 (actually, a 99.30% to be exact…) in Microbiology and I’m pretty sure I’m going to wind up with an A in Developmental Psychology as well.  My sister decided we should go to a local bakery today to get a cupcake to celebrate!  Unfortunately, I scarfed down the chocolate coconut cupcake so fast that I didn’t think to take a picture of it.  It was REALLY good though!
Then we went to Petsmart while we were out so she could get her dogs some more food.  It was SO crowded in Petsmart!  We happened to park next to a car that had an Australian Cattle Dog sticker on it and an “I Love My Australian Cattle Dog” magnet on it.  I kept my eyes peeled in the store to see if I saw the dog, but I didn’t.  We saw a Golden Retriever, two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, a Mastiff, a Husky puppy, and a yappy little white dog.  I got Riley a new toy for being so good while I was studying this semester.  She’s happily destroying it out in the hall as I’m typing this.  Here’s a picture before she tore into it…
She’s loving shaking it and whacking herself in the chest with it.

18 thoughts on “School’s Out!!

  1. Congrad's Mom we are so proud of you.. We think maybe you deserve 2 cupcakes for all that work..Riley we do the same thing with our toys. Shake them… Riley we went herding today and we have another cattle dog in class named Hank. He is younger and is long and lanky like a teenager but he likes herding as much as we do… Big Sloppy KissesGus, Louie and Callie

  2. Nows when you read dat book makes sure you believes NIUTTIN! They always say we doxies are stubborn…NOT trues! Okays maybe just a littles…hehehehe!Yippie dat school is out.Girl a 99 is like so freakin awesome I can't even fathom dat…dang! We hopes you is VERY proud of yourself fur such an amazing accomplishment…you go girl!!!!!Puddles

  3. Congrats on finishing the semester so well! I am not allowed near Petco/Petsmart unless I have a very specific list and strict instructions not to deviate from said list otherwise I spend exhorbitant amount on toys for SPike and Dru.

  4. Congratulation on finishing another semester of school. Now you can rest up and enjoy the holidays! It's such a busy time of year that I feel behind on blog following, but wanted to stop by and wish you happy holidays. I saw your comment that we have the same snowman decoration, which you saw on my mantle. I love that snowman! πŸ™‚

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