The Grandparents’ New Bed

My mom and dad finally got rid of their 34 year-old mattress and bought a new one a few weeks ago.  It got delivered at 8:00 this morning.  I was still half asleep, so my mom rushed Riley and Chloe into my room so the guys delivering it could leave the front door open to take the old one out and bring the new one in.  Unfortunately, since I was sleeping (I like to think I was dog sitting), I didn’t get any pictures of the delivery, the old mattress, or the new one before my mom made up her bed.  Here are some pictures afterward:

Me and Riles trying out the new mattress.  My mom insisted I come see how high up it was compared to their old one, so I brought my pillow and decided to stay a while.

It doesn’t look all that high in this picture, but look how high the pillows come up on the headboard.  This one is 27″ high and the old one was about 21″ high.  I’m surprised little Chloe can jump up on it because my bed’s not quite as high and Chloe can hardly get up on it.  Riley is jumping on and off like she has no hip problems.  I guess she’s gonna need another set of stairs for in here.

11 thoughts on “The Grandparents’ New Bed

  1. If everyone could please get off my bed, I would really like to try it out! I'm glad the doggies seem to find it so cozy…hope they don't think this will be their new place for naps!!!Riley's grandma

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